Atmospheric Science Research Group
Department of Physics
Exact Science School
Universidad Nacional del Nordeste


This is a list of resources that we have found useful for our research




LINUX Software

  • OpenSUSE We feel confortable with this linux distro (open-source)
  • ION Minimalist window manager which enhances keyboard use (open-source)
  • Python Easy-to-use objet-oriented programming language (open-source)
  • Gfortran GNU Fortran. We regret Intel fortran does not have an open academic license anymore, so we plan to migrate to gnu fortran.
  • LaTeX Documentation (open-source)
  • NCAR GraphicsSoftware for scientific visualization
  • Grid Analysis and Display System (Open-source)
  • NetCDF Network common data format (Open-source)
  • IDL Interactive Data Language. Numerics and data visualization.
  • VIS5DSystem for interactive visualization of data sets produced by numerical weather models (open-source)
  • Tkdesk File manager that reminds NeXT style (open-source)

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